adjective; satisfied, contented, happy, pleased.

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bodlon collection

Amser Te Plate
Bodlon Mug
Brecwast/Cinio/Swper Jug
Bodlon Jug ~ Mini
Cow Tea Towel
Sheep Tea Towel
Caerdydd Mug
Large Bodlon Jug
Bodlon Jug ~ 1/2 Pint
Amser Te Jug ~ 1 Pint
Blodau Flower Jug
Paned Mug
Bodlon Hufen Dwylo/Hand Lotion
Bodlon Sebon Dwylo/Hand Wash
Dilys & Delyth Jug
Amser Te Jug ~ Mini
Amser Te Jug ~ 1/2 Pint
Amser Te Jug ~ 2 Pint
Bodlon Lavender Candle in a Tin
Bodlon Lavender Candle