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bits & pieces

Dylan the Dragon
'Ungorn'' Wash Bag
Jetpack Backpack
Elephant Mug~ blue
Lion Mug ~ green
Tiger Mug ~ blue
Toucan Mug ~ yellow
Zebra Mug ~ pink
Hippo Mug ~ red
Doodle iPhone  Notecase
Penblwydd Hapus Bunting
Welsh Prayer Pillowcase
Wake Up Lazybones! Pillowcase
Teacher Pillowcase
Duck Tape
Owl hottie
Lamb hottie
Fi Sy'n Bwysig - Mug
Mwy, mwy, mwy! mug
Silibili Mug
Handmade String Lighting ~ Glow
Handmade String Lighting ~ Cherry Pop
Handmade String Lighting ~ Marshmallow
Thirst Extinguisher Water Bottle
Doodle Duvet - Single
Kids' Gardening Set
Handmade String Lighting ~ Cinnamon
Handmade String Lighting ~ Cotton Candy
Handmade String Lighting ~ Rainbow Drops
J pegs
Screw Door Stop ~ Grey
Flower Fairies
Light Box ~ A4
Light Box ~ A5
Light Box ~ Clapperboard
Paper Storage Sack ~ Stwff
Paper Storage Sack ~ Teganau
Sharpener Desk Tidy ~ Dark
Speaker Storage Box
Wooden Bore Da Banner
Wooden Cwtch Banner
Wooden Nos Da Banner
Handmade String Lighting ~ Bluebell
Handmade String Lighting ~ Sandy Beach
Merch Baby Mug
Padrig the Pug
Tapestry Blanket ~ Damson/Coal
Tapestry Blanket ~ Madder/Coal
Tapestry Blanket ~ Marble/Ivory
Tapestry Blanket ~ Navy/Grey
Tapestry Blanket ~ Pearl/Ivory
Undeg the Unicorn