adjective; satisfied, contented, happy, pleased.

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Tree Ornament ~ Cat
Tree Ornament ~ Angel
Tree Ornament ~ King
Festive Card ~ Angel
Festive Card ~ Mitts
Festive Card ~ King
Nadolig Llawen Door Mat
Celt the Elf Crochet Kit
Saws Brandi Jug
Welsh Christmas Eco Crackers ~ Pheasant
Santa Crochet Kit
Enamel Sign ~ Nadolig Llawen
Welsh Gin Box ~ Bocs Jin Cymreig
Two Honeycomb Balls ~ Ochre
Felt Placemats
Felt Napkin/Cutlery Holder
Ochre Gold Tassel Garland
'It's Christmas' Sack
Rusty Red Paper Stars
Abari Star Garland
Cai the Elf Crochet Kit
Galaxy Copper
Honeycomb Ball ~ Gold
Metal Leaf Wreath
Nadolig Llawen Ribbon
Cotton Tassel Garland
Enamel Sign ~ Nadolig Llawen
Nadolig Llawen Bunting
I love Sion Corn tree decoration
Wooden Nadolig Llawen Banner Kit
Christmas Kiss tree decoration
Starburst Light ~ Large
Wire Reindeer large
Wire Reindeer Small
Welsh Christmas Sack
Silver Sway
 Nadolig Llawen Tape
'Nadolig Llawen' Sack
Starburst Light ~ Small
Welsh Christmas Crackers ~ Deer Douglas
Starburst Light ~ Small
Glass Lantern
Christmas Silver Wire LED Lights
Welsh Christmas Crackers ~ Sprouts
Welsh Christmas Eco Crackers ~ Dots
Bottle Light
Christmas pudding tree decoration
Christmas 'Bwytewch a Byddwch Lawen'  Napkin
Welsh Christmas Crackers ~ Gold
White Paper Stars
Hanging Lichen Heart