adjective; satisfied, contented, happy, pleased.

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Olivia Necklace
Silver & Bead Bracelet
Silver Drop Earrings
Open Heart Charm - Gold
Star Charm - Silver
Open Star Charm - Gold
Silver Star Drops
Gracie Ring
Set of Two Bar Rings
Stars & Diamond Crystal Ring
Leah Ring
Open Ring Bangle
Silver Bar Bangle
Silver Bar Bracelet
Silver Circle & Bar Ring
Gold Circle & Bar Ring
Cluster Pendant ~ Llon fy myd
Cluster Pendant ~ Bodlon fy myd
Cluster Pendant ~ Un Funud Fach
Small Studs ~ Cariad
Large Studs ~ Cariad
Pendant ~ Cariad
Simple Star Necklace
Crystal Heart Necklace
Pyrite Bracelet with Crystal Connector
Grey Bracelet with Star Charm
Uneven Chunky Ring
Silver Studs
Silver Star Studs
Silver Heart Studs
Silver Glass Studs
Gold Heart Studs
Gold Dot Studs
Double Ring Earrings
Grey Leather & Silver Bracelet
Simple Hoop Earrings
Multi Bar Bracelet
Multi Bar Necklace
Hultquist Frog Ring in Silver
Wool Cufflinks ~ various colours available
Black/Gold Necklace
Gold Bar Bangle
Silver Bar Bangle
Silver Bar Earrings
Triangle Earrings
Triangle Earrings ~Silver/Gold
Triangle Necklace
Triangle Necklace ~ Gold
Kiss Badge
Wool Necklace
Cariad Necklace
Cariad Necklace
Hultquist Frog Earrings in Silver
Hultquist Frog Pendant
Hultquist Heart Studs
Hultquist Leaf Earrings in Gold
Hultquist Pineapple Earrings in Silver
Gold Tassel Earrings
Gold/Blue Tassel Earrings
Geometric Stud Earrings