adjective; satisfied, contented, happy, pleased.

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'From the Earth' Riso Print
 Blodeu of the Dead  Framed Print
 Blodeu of the Dead  Print
 Blodeuwedd  Print
 Print Jemima Nicholas
 Tywysoges Gwenllian Framed Print
 Tywysoges Gwenllian Print
Framed  Jemima Nicholas Print
'Caerdydd' Print
Gwir Gariad Framed
Heart and birds framed
Heath/Y Mynydd Bychan Print
Roath & Penylan Print
Tiger Bay Print
Swsus Mawr Print
Seren Fach Print
Cartref Print
Bore Da Mr Haul Print
'Lwcus Mewn Cariad' framed
'Un Bywyd Un Cariad' framed