adjective; satisfied, contented, happy, pleased.

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'Lwcus Mewn Cariad' framed
'Un Bywyd Un Cariad' framed
Black Heart framed
Vintage Welsh Blanket Teddy
Hot Water Bottle ~ Hayman's Balsam
Jadida Stool
Nara Candle Sticks
Vintage Cobbler's Wooden Shoe Last Bookends
Vintage Cobbler's Wooden Shoe Last Doorstop / Toilet Roll Holder
Vintage Domino Key Ring
Vintage Style Shelves
Vintage Welsh Blanket Bunting
Bore Da - Good Morning Vintage Spoon
Cariad - Love Vintage Spoon
Caru Te - Love Tea Vintage Spoon
Caru Ti - Love You Vintage Spoon
Ceramic Door Knob ~ Dove
Ceramic Door Knob ~ Floral
Chunky Reclaimed Frame
Da De !- That's Good Vintage Spoon